South African Emergency Numbers

Fire and Ambulance: 10 177

From cellphone: 112

Police: 10 111

Poison Information Centres

Call the Tygerberg Poison Information Centre:
021 931 6129, or the Poison Advice Line: 0800 333 444.

Household Energy Safety Association: South Africa

Formerly the Paraffin Safety Association of South Africa (PASASA), which aimed at preventing paraffin related incidents, HESASA focuses on promoting the safety of all household energy sources and technologies used in the home for cooking, heating and lighting in all communities.

HESASA was formed after extensive research into the South African energy sector, which realized that the focus on integrated energy safety in households was limited. HESASA’s approach is evidence-based and prevention-focused. We research, educate and advocate on household energy safety across South Africa.

We implement energy safety awareness and prevention programmes in communities, schools and households. We conduct door-to-door information dissemination, workshops, seminars and media campaigns. We also engage with government by proposing policy solutions pertaining to household energy issues. Partnerships are crucial for us. Should you wish to do, please get in touch.

Fact Sheets

Fact sheet 1: Household energy sources

Fact sheet 1

Fact sheet 2: Household energy-related incidents

Fact sheet 2

Fact sheet 3: Burn injuries in children

Fact sheet 3

Fact sheet 4: Paraffin poisoning in children-1

Fact sheet 4


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Find us here

Household Energy Safety Association of South Africa
Unit 10
Betterwood Business Park
155 Vasco Boulevard Street

Tel. 021 592 7906
Fax. 086 504 9589
Cell. 082 300 7108

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